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Site news

Avatar Manager JKUATeL
JKUAT Distance Learning Programmes
par Manager JKUATeL, mardi 12 mai 2015, 15:25


JKUAT has introduced Distance Learning Programmes which are Technology Supported. Although each student will have access to all course materials in the Learning Management System, there will be online module facilitators who will help the learners through their learning process as they assess their online learning activities.

Since the learning will be technology supported, applicants are required to fill an online application form for the Programmes. In order to be ready to fill it
  • Scan or be ready to take snap shots of your relevant documents (Certificates, Result slips & Identity Card) using smartphone or tablet in readiness for uploading.
  • Pay through our MPESA paybill Number 951200 for the application form as explained below;
  1. Access the M-PESA menu from your phone,
  2. Select Pay Bill option,
  3. Enter the Business Number 951200
  4. Enter Account Number as ODeL-**** where **** is your National ID Number e.g. ODeL-12345678 (if your id no. is 12345678)
  5. Enter amount for the programme you want to apply for (Certificates:500/-; Diplomas:1000/-; Degrees:1,500/-; Masters:1,500/-).


After filling the registration details, a link to the form with additional details will be sent to your e-mail account. (Check also in Spam folder)


Facilitation Regions
  1. - JKUAT Main Campus - Juja
  2. - Mombasa
  3. - Eldoret
a) List of available Programmes

Click HERE to download a physical form if you prefer to fill the online version. Fill it and bring it to our SODeL Office.

b) Mode of Delivery

c) Examinations/Assessment

For any questions please contact the office by calling +254 704 514511

Thank you.


(Edited by Rachel Ibukah - original submission Thursday, 15 January 2015, 10:48 am)

(Edited by Rachel Ibukah - original submission Tuesday, 12 May 2015, 03:24 pm)

Additional Programmes
par Rachel Ibukah, mardi 12 mai 2015, 15:23
SODeL will be offering additional Programmes to start in September 2014:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Business Computing [BSCBC] -Stage I
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in ICT (Integration and Instructional Design)
  3. Postgraduate Certificate in ICT (Integration and Instructional Design)
  4. Master of Science in ICT (Integration and Instructional Design)
  5. Master of Science in Leadership and Governance
  6. Master of Science in Procurement & Contract Management- 20 Units (+ Attachment & Research Project)

Inform your friends & colleagues
Fee Statement Portal
par Rachel Ibukah, mercredi 5 mars 2014, 11:52
The Fee Statement Portal is a development by the ICT Directorate to allow students access their fees status updates online.

I opted to include the link in our eLearning System since Google was directing it there.

Kindly, if you have any issues regarding accessibility to the portal, liaise with the ICT Department.

Click here to access your statement:

It is publicly available and can be accessed from anywhere"


Catégories de cours

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Curricula & Delivery Department, SODeL
Welcome to the E-learning portal for JKUAT.
JKUAT is committed to giving you all the support you need to get a real e-experience. For more information email: or call 0704 514511

Link to Distance Learning Application Form:

Click HERE to download a physical form if you prefer to fill the offline version. Fill it and bring it to our SODeL Office or post it to Director, SODeL, JKUAT, P.o. Box 62000-00200 Nrb. You can also scan and email it plus the certificates to

Thank you
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  • 12 mai, 15:25
    Manager JKUATeL
    JKUAT Distance Learning Programmes plus...
  • 12 mai, 15:23
    Rachel Ibukah
    Additional Programmes plus...
  • 5 mar, 11:52
    Rachel Ibukah
    Fee Statement Portal plus...
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